Monday, September 7, 2009


Welcome to the first entry of Wood Fired Journal. You will learn along with me as I journey through the world of baking in a outdoor clay wood fired oven.
I have had a little experience baking artisan bread in my kitchen oven, but I have longed for baking in a wood fired oven ever since I tasted the beautiful loaves and pizzas from my friend JD's cob oven. I admit I am very "green", but we will learn together.
First up will be a step by step overview of how to build your own oven. Later we will explore techniques and recipes.
Please note that much of the credit for the design of this oven goes to my friend JD Jorgenson. JD was a great help with the planning of my oven as well as donating materials to my project. JD answered my relentless questions with patience and I can't thank him enough. More thanks goes to my neighbor Greg who after possibly too many craft brews convinced me we could do it. Others in the neighborhood pitched in with gusto-a big thanks to all of you!
Let's get started shall we...

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  1. I get to be your first commenter! We're so excited about the new bread/pizza/Leyda's homemade tortilla oven. Good luck!